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The Process

Osteo Strength Centers

The Process

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The Osteo Strength Centers Process

The human body has natural responses to environmental changes. In the same way that muscles get larger with strain, bones adapt under compressing forces. The OsteoStrength Revitalization Process is designed to enable this natural response to improve bone density and general health. The proven science and understanding of the OsteoStrength Revitalization technology has existed for many years but only recently that it has been able to be practically applied using our new patented technology for treatment.

Osteo Strength Centers revitalization technology uses a technique called ostegenic loading which is proven to increase bone mass density which in turn reverses the process of Osteoporosis. This leading edge technology allows a person, regardless of age and physical condition, to safely perform a simple five second movement of self-imposed maximum loading which causes the body to initiate bone density growth. We call this the OsteoStrength Revitalization Process.

Healthy Bone Density

Osteoporotic Bone Density

6 Minutes

Quick, safe treatments that are accompanied by one of our OsteoStrength professionals.

Once A Week

Only requires one short treatment a week.

Progress Reports

Progress reports, supplied at the end of each treatment, provides proof of results.

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These Easy Movements

All movements are performed in the optimal biochemical position.

Chest Press

Activates the muscles of the upper body (primarily the pectorals, deltoids and triceps) to produce impact force loads by pushing in a direction away from the body.


Activates the muscles of the lower body (primarily the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals and calves) to produce impact force loads by pushing in a direction away from the body.

Core Pull

Activates the muscles of the core (primarily the lumbo- pelvic-hip complex) and upper body (primarily the latissimus dorsi and biceps) as well as the bones of the rib cage and the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex.

Verticle Lift

Activates the muscles of the arms, back and legs (primarily the forearms, trapezius, rhomboids, erector spinae, gluteals and hamstrings).

Whole Body Vibration

Accelerate your progress with Whole Body Vibration technology.

Books To Read

Facilitate Bone Density Development

For the past century the medical community has addressed osteoporosis as an inevitable part of the aging process. Technology developed over the past six years may mandate the medical community reevaluate their position on this disease state. This new modality for therapy and exercise is osteogenic loading, which means the growth of new bone mass through axial loading of the musculoskeletal system.