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Osteo Strength Centers


Stronger, healthier bones, without the use of medications and their side affects.


Reversal of Osteoporosis, loss of strength, balance and mobility.


Regenerate bone density, muscle density, balance and coordination.


Rehabilitate your body’s posture, flexibility and joint support.

Our Method

We Manage Osteoporosis
the Natural Way

There’s no need to lose hope when dealing with bone diseases like osteoporosis. The expert team at Osteo Strength Centers will work closely with you to help you regain your mobility and strength.

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    Why Choose Us

    For the Old…

    Osteo Strength Centers in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania is proud to offer a non-pharmaceutical way of building your bone strength. Our expert team uses a combination of a bioDensity machine and an isometric machine for effective workouts once a week. We primarily cater to clients who are 50 years old and above that are experiencing pain and complications from bone-related issues like osteoporosis.

    …And for the Young

    As we age, our skeletons start to lose strength because our bodies can no longer replace old bones efficiently. This not only leads to a significant loss in mobility but can also cause injuries from simple tasks like bending over or coughing. Osteotherapy, also known as osteopathy, is a noninvasive and drug-free process that detects areas of restricted movement and restores mobility to all areas of the body.

    Stories of Success

    Aging eventually leads to the loss of your strength, mobility, and balance. Osteoporosis, osteopenia, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and a sedentary lifestyle also cause problems as you grow older. Our comprehensive and natural osteotherapy helps you manage these issues by focusing on:

    • Rehabilitation of Ligaments
    • Motor Neuron Recruitment
    • Flexibility
    • Circulation
    • Organ Functionality
    • Joint Support
    • Mobility
    • Posture

    Individualized Program

    Trust our expert team to help you regain your bone strength and mobility.

    Don’t let aging stop you from staying active. Trust our expert team to help you regain your bone strength and mobility. Get in touch with us now for a free consultation.


    Paul & Babe

    Paul Quinn
    I have lived and worked in the Philadelphia area my entire life. For 30 plus years, I have cared for patients as I would my own family; appreciating their uniqueness and honoring the trust they have put in me to care for them. I attended St. Joseph’s Prep, St. Joseph’s University, Drexel University, and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I worked as a Physician’s Assistant for over a decade treating spine related disorders at the Spine Center in Philadelphia Once facing spinal fusion surgery myself from a sports related injury, a chiropractic adjustment changed the course of my life. After graduating from New York Chiropractic College, I have focused my practice on helping people find their own path to Wellness. I specialize in treating athletes and helping them to function optimally, while at the same time preventing injury through directed exercise and chiropractic care.


    Babe Quinn
    My degrees are in business management, education and exercise. My love of health and fitness has been the foundation upon which I’ve lived and built my life. Twenty five years ago, I began helping others to achieve Their goals. Listening to my clients, then designing a program of fitness that motivates them and works for them, has allowed me the profound gift of watching our clients blossom in front of my eyes. Assisting others in losing weight, becoming healthy, moving pain free again (or for the first time), and feeling empowered by the rising of both inner and outer strength, moves and inspires me on a daily basis. I have specialized my training in the past 12 years to working with men and women with low bone density. We are making our clients stronger from the inside out. Bringing out the best you, is my honor and privilege.